Steam Cleaning

Our interior steam cleaning reconditions interiors and brings them back to true clean. Leather, cloth seats and cushions are steamed cleaned so that stains are lifted out of the fabric. Our interior steam cleaning cleans extremely dirty interiors which are susceptible to pests such as roaches, spiders, dust mites and rodents, etc.

Our Steam cleaning process is done in 2 parts to ensure cleanliness and bring the interior back to its original color:

  • 1. We use a biodegradable metered chemical to presoak stains.
  • 2. The chemical is then removed by steam cleaning the entire interior.

One of the main reasons to live in South Florida that everyone loves is the warmth, but living in paradise takes a toll on your vehicles interior. Such a warm and humid climate can cause mold and mildew issues in a closed environment that produce harmful odors that cause breathing problems.

Clean Image Detailing uses the power of steam cleaning to remove all unwanted bacteria from your entire interior from headliner to carpets seats and ventilation system. Our 3 step process ensures healthy air quality in your car, boat or Rv:

  • Step 1. Steam Cleaning entire interior that includes leather, plastics, headliner and all vents of your air conditioning System or HVAC System.
  • Step 2. Applies ozone shock treatment which kills and removes all unwanted smells.
  • Step 3. Changes your Air Cabin Filter in the dashboard for proper filtration and to ensure no Bacteria will get inside to cause Issues.

Our interior steam cleaning sanitizes and removes dirt without chemicals or brushes. Safe for all surfaces.

With the use of the Optima Steamer, interiors undergo a full high pressure steam cleaning that removes dirt and grime in hard to reach areas followed by a wipe down using microfiber towels. Not only cleaning the targeted area but also disinfecting and purifying it.

Interior components such as dashboard vents, seats (leather or fabric), door panels, headliners, carpets, etc are brought back to original factory condition.

*The original condition of the vehicle plays a role on its end result*


How does the Optima clean without chemicals?

The Optima utilizes two features to clean effectively without chemicals. First, the hot steam cleans and sanitizes the surface. Then the Microfiber pad, which features unique, split fibers, picks up the dirt and debris loosened by the steam. Together, the hot steam and Microfiber pads clean surfaces without chemicals for a safe, money-saving, eco-friendly clean!

How does Clean Image steam clean to kill germs?

We use the best steam cleaning machine out there. The Optima emits steam through nozzles in excess of 212 degrees, germs, bacteria, mold, dust mites and other allergens are killed instantly.