Car Detailing

Our car detailing services address your entire car, including the exterior, interior, wheels, undercarriage, ducts and engine. We steam clean and ozone shock to sanitize and remove odors.



  • Clay Treatment - Decontaminate paint of road debris, e.g. road tar, bugs, dirt.
  • Wash - Hand wash with a microfiber mitt TWO bucket system or foam canon.
  • High-End Carnauba Wax - Protects and moisturizes paint, protects from ultra-violet radiation.
  • Polish & Wax Exterior - Machine polish with orbital buffing wheel to give a high gloss finish.
  • Wash Door Jams - Remove dirt from all moving components. E.g. door hinges, door locks mechanism.


  • Clean Wheels - Remove buildup of all break dust and grease to look like new again.
  • Dress Tires - Apply a high gloss to exterior face of tires.
  • Wheel Polishing.


  • Wash & Gloss - Degrease and power wash inner fender wells and apply a satin finish.


  • Steam Cleaning - Cleans engine without damaging electrical components.



  • Ozone Shock - Removes any odor from vehicle e.g. Cigarettes, mildew /mold, spoiled food, pet odor.
  • Deep clean

Vinyl & Leather

  • Clean & Condition - Protects from cracking and fading due to sun exposure.

Carpets, including Trunk

  • Steam clean/disinfect - Sanitize and remove odor causing bacteria.
  • Vacuum - Remove debris from carpet using a high power vacuum.

Carpet & Upholstery / Fabric

  • Shampoo - Clean using interior detergent. $35.00+
  • Protection - Repel stains using scotch guard protectant. $35.00

*Please note prices vary on size and condition of vehicle please call for estimate

Air Ducts

  • Steam clean/disinfect - Removes allergens.

Dash, console

  • Deep clean dash and console using microfiber towels and pneumatic tools.


  • Clean.
  • Glass Polishing.

Repair Services


  • Paint correction - Removes fine scratches and hairlines renewing paint finish.

These are the 3 categories of paint correction:

  1. Light paint correction
  2. Medium paint correction
  3. Heavy paint correction

After performing any paint correction it is important to seal it. This will reduce abnormal scratching and create a barrier to protect the paint.